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Our Corporate Yoga classes are designed to support your company, and fit neatly into the working day.

We take the stress out of hosting on-site classes by offering flat rate fees, comprehensive insurance, multiple scheduling options, complimentary mat hire, full programme management and a premium class experience.

Our classes are ideal as regular weekly classes for groups of colleagues and friends. We also offer a bespoke planning service for classes for team building events, conferences, product launches and private events.

How it Works.

Beginning with a detailed consultation, we will guide you through the various options for your class in terms of it’s pace, direction, focus and payment plans. We will then match you with one of our expert Yoga instructors, and tailor a programme which focuses on boasting energy, wellness and productivity within your team.

Simply select an early morning, lunchtime or post work class (from 6am- 10pm). We will supply you with an instructor, and equipment for your classes. Insuring the successful integration of Yoga with our continuous programme management.

Our classes encourage individuals and groups to work at their own pace and level whilst developing and deepening their practice. Whether you fancy a challenging or more restorative Yoga Class, we’ll be there to guide you through, and prepare a programme that’s right for your team or event.

Every Yoga Class features sequences of postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques to realign, recharge, balance and invigorate the mind and the body, all with the additional benefit of having your own Personal Yoga instructor for greater attention to alignment, personal corrections and adjustments.

From The Modern Wellness Experts
We source London to bring you the best in terms of instruction, and have years of experience of teaching in the city. Our practically focussed classes and professional service makes introducing your team to the proven benefits of yoga a breeze.

All our Yoga instructors are fully qualified, insured and registered. We hold Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 and Employers Insurance of £10,000,000.

Honouring traditional methods of teaching yoga, and developing safe practice, we advocate small group sizes, regular practice and experienced Yoga Instructors, nurturing a mutual understanding and respect for the whole self.


Single Classes:

60 minute class- £75 (inc. Vat).
75 minute class- £85 (inc. Vat).
90 minute class- £95 (inc. Vat).

Class sizes: Class fees are for a maximum of 15 people.

Event Planning: Please contact our booking team for a personalised quote for larger groups and event planning.



Inspire a happy, healthier team.

Our corporate yoga classes are designed to promote wellness and productivity whilst reducing stress levels.Yoga works to boost the immune system and with the 13.4 million days lost each year due to stress related illness;it really could be the best investment you make today, both in terms of individual and company wellness! By settling the mind and promoting a healthy body awareness Yoga is known to boost concentration and memory and therefore productivity. Our systematic classes also help to iron out tension experienced in the body from long days sat at the desk, and soothe busy minds, providing students with techniques which can be easy utilised within the work place. Lifting the energy and spirit within your team.

[blockquote]It has been a very enjoyable experience, and as a complete beginner I am very grateful for all the help you gave. – R.Perkoff, Barrister. [/blockquote]

[blockquote]Fantastic! I did a quick survey among the ladies who joined us,and most mentioned how appreciative they were of the helpful explanations and adjustments provided throughout. Not everyone in the class knew what they were doing, and were immediately made comfortable, thank you! We were also very jealous of the bride’s gift!!” T LeBarn.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Our teacher is great at putting us all at ease, I feel like I’ve already gained so much more from your classes, than from other classes I’ve tried. It’s my much needed ‘me time’ each week” M. Hunter, Nurse. [/blockquote]

Our Clients Include

[blockquote]To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear[/blockquote]Buddha